Version 1.8.6

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Version 1.8.6
Version nameReaction Overload
Release dateAugust 21, 2023
Changelog entry


  • Tomato
  • Sauce
  • Sensor - Detects movable pixels
  • Tuff - Formed from Ash and Magma
  • Clicking on an element again will deselect it
  • Sun world gen type


Bug Fixes

Fixed: Mods don't show in Mod Manager and can't be removed after crash
Fixed: Scroll disabled on fullscreen
Fixed: Pixels float if Drag is unselected by middle click or E prompt
Fixed: Border and Rainbow can be moved by Drag
Fixed: Border can be destroyed by Strange Matter
Fixed: Tools can be placed with Image tool
Fixed: Heat Ray doesn't make single pixels change state
Fixed: Bless doesn't remove Poison Gas or Poison Ice
Fixed: Heads don't fall through gases
Fixed: Rotten Meat at abs zero creates living abs zero flies
Fixed: Charcoal dirties Salt Water
Fixed: Pistils don't conduct heat or spread burning
Fixed: Density too high for Poison Gas, Dioxin, Liquid Ammonia, and Gallium Gas
Fixed: Sodium Acetate foams forever
Fixed: Lettuce can't be mixed into Dough or Batter