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This is a step by step guide on how to create and edit your own articles.

Creating Your Account

First things first, to do any of this, you need to create a account. If you already have a account, skip this section.

  • To create a wiki account, you need to press the “Create Account” option in the bar at the top of the screen.
  • After clicking this, follow the listed instructions. Remember that any terms and conditions were not decided by us, and any data risks are not our fault.

Creating a New Page

  • To create a new page, either look through the wiki to find non-existent links (red hypertext) or create a new page from scratch.

From Scratch

  • To create a page from scratch, press the “Tools” dropdown menu and select “New Page”, this will open a different page.
  • Select the type of article you are making, it is recommended to choose “(Main)”, then input the title you want into the text box and hit enter.

Writing the Content

  • Once you have either selected the link or the title for the page, you need to write the actual content of the article. Before you start messing around, you need to learn the formatting.


  • To help format an element article, you can use the inner source code of Element Template.

Viewing the Source

  • To view the inner source code of any article, you need to press the pencil icon in the upper right section.
  • This opens the editing page, which we will get to later.
  • For now, just copy the entire page and paste it into your new article.
  • Follow the instructions and then delete the sections that you view as unnecessary.
  • If you want an image in your article, press the image icon at the top, in between the bookmark icon and chain icon.
  • Then press “upload” at the bottom and follow the instructions, and rename the photo to your liking. It is reccomended to have the image be transparent, though this is optional, it makes the article look much better.
  • Afterwards, scroll to the bottom and add the respective categories, for example, this article would have the categories of Tutorials and Important Articles, so you would put [[Category:Tutorials]] and [[Category:Important Articles]]. For element articles, always put [[Category:Elements]], or else it will not show up in the elements category.
  • Once you believe you are finished, press “Save page”
  • Congratulations! You just created your first Sandboxels Wiki article! Remember, do not abuse this, as the wiki moderators or even R74n may remove your ability to create, edit, or even view the wiki.


  • To edit an existing article, open the articles page and press the button with the pencil icon.
  • This opens the editing page, which is virtually identical to the creation page, aside from there already being text within it.
  • Simply change the text you wanted to change, and when you are finished, describe what you changed in the “Summary:” textbox, and if it was a small edit, check the “Minor Edit” option on.
  • Congratulations! You just edited your first Sandboxels Wiki article! Remember, do not abuse this, as the wiki moderators or even R74n themselves may remove your ability to edit, create, or even view the wiki.

More Info

This is not all there is to it, if you want more info I would recommend joining the R74n discord server or researching further on other articles in the wiki.