Version 1.9

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Version 1.9
Version nameLocal Saves
Release dateOctober 13, 2023
Save versionsb1
Changelog entry



Bug Fixes

Fixed: Fireworks and Flash don't transfer heat
Fixed: Flash from Heat Ray is not hot
Fixed: Alcohol Gas density too high
Fixed: Pistil and Mushroom Gill can be dragged
Fixed: Herb can't be mixed in Batter or Dough
Fixed: Amber spawns at high temperature
Fixed: Heads can detach if Body moves during reaction
Fixed: Many Flour reactions make Gingerbread instead of Dough
Fixed: Ghost pixels when burning Plague, other deleting gases
Fixed: Color picker always appears when toggling GUI on (F1)
Fixed: Cooldowned elements can't be placed before 8th tick
Fixed: Frozen Fish break into Slime


  • logMessage() function
  • SOIL eList
  • generateSave() and loadSave() functions
  • resizeCanvas() and autoResizeCanvas() functions
  • sb1 save format
  • Browser dark color scheme for UI elements
  • Light, Laser, etc. use bx/by instead of vx/vy (velocity.js fix)