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Sand Dune.png
A Sand dune.
Density1602 kg/m3
Hotter StateChanges at 1700°C
Creates Molten Glass

Sand is the first element added to Sandboxels. It is a fine, yellow powder at room temperature, forming dunes as it falls. It melts into Molten Glass above 1700°C.

As with Dirt, Roots can grow in Sand.


Element Conditions Result
Any Water - Wet Sand
Oil - Wet Sand
Soda - Wet Sand
Blood - Wet Sand
Vaccine - Wet Sand
Milk - Wet Sand
Juice - Wet Sand
Cream - Wet Sand


Version Change
1.9.5 + Sand in Tornadoes creates Cloud variants
1.9.5 ~ Fixed: Crash when mod deletes Sand
1.9.4 + Sandstorm added, cloud-like element that produces sand
1.9.1 + Water can weather Limestone into Sand
1.9.1 ~ Sand from weathering Tuff no longer uses wrong color
1.9 + Grass can spread on Sand
1.8.6 + Sand can now put out Greek Fire
1.8 + Acid now dissolves Rock into Sand
1.7 + Sand can now absorb Milk and its variants
1.6 + Gravel can now break into Sand
1.2 + Sand can now absorb Blood and Oil
0.7 + Sand can react with Water to make Wet Sand
Public release + Sand added


  • Sand was the first element ever added. It was originally white.
  • Sand is also the first non-tool element in the code.


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