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Lattice checkerboard.png
A Lattice board.
MakesLattice (diagonally)
Hidden by default

Lattice is a magenta hidden element found in the Special category. It continuously clones itself diagonally. Every tick, it creates a new Lattice pixel in all 4 diagonal neighboring cells if the target pixel position is empty. Lattice is produced when Filler reacts with Neutron.

Lattice is the diagonal version of Filler.

Lattice wars

Sometimes, Lattice pixels will be misaligned. This leads to a lattice war, where there is a constantly moving empty boundary between two regions of Lattice. This behavior occurs because Lattice will remove other Lattice pixels that are orthogonally next to it.

If Filler is added while a lattice war is happening, the Filler will go through the boundary created by the lattice war, creating a "river" through it. The lattice war is also stopped because no lattice pixels can be created inside the Filler river.


Version Change
1.9.5 ~ Unhid Lattice
1.9.5 + Lattice reacts with Cold Fire
1.9.4 + Malware can misalign Lattice
1.0 ~ Hid Lattice
0.8.3 ~ Lattice is given a different color than Filler
0.7.2 + Added Lattice


  • Lattice may appear similar to the Valve Texture Error, this was unintended.
  • Most powders, liquids and gases can pass through the gaps between the Lattice, however they may become trapped at the lines in lattice war while the Lattice moves around it.