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Density2.1 kg/m3

Malware is an element which can be found in the Special category. It can damage and charge Machines. Malware is an enemy of Gray Goo.

It clones self and always deletes itself.


Element Conditions Result
Wire + Malware - Damage and charge Wire
Battery + Malware - Explosion
Cloner, E-cloner, Slow Cloner + Malware - Randomly change to Cloner or E-cloner or Slow Cloner
Heater, Cooler, Superheater, Freezer + Malware - Randomly change to Heater or Cooler or Superheater or Freezer
Burner + Malware - Charge Burner
Pipe Wall + Malware - Rock
Ewall + Malware - Wall
Led R, Led G, Led B + Malware - Randomly change to Led R or Led G or Led B
Light Bulb + Malware - Explosion + Glass Shard
Gray Goo + Malware - Charge and destroy Gray Goo
Border + Malware - Deletes Border


Version Change
1.9.5 + Static breaks into Malware
1.9.4 + Malware can hijack Loopy
1.9.4 + Malware can misalign Lattice
1.9.4 + Malware can break down Border
1.9.3 + Malware can interrupt Virus restoration
1.9.2 + Malware can hack Cloners to create more of itself
1.9.2 + Malware can damage and scramble Pipes
1.9.2 + Malware can cause Light Bulbs and Batteries to explode
1.8.2 + Malware messes with more machines
1.8.1 + Malware can damage Wires
1.4 + Added Malware