Ice Cream

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Ice Cream
Ice cream.png
A pile of Ice Cream
Density1096 kg/m3
Default temperature0°C
Hotter StateChanges at 15°C
Creates Cream

Ice Cream is a white food that falls like a powder and hits the ground like a solid. It can be eaten by Humans, Rats, and Birds if it doesn't melt on contact. You can make ice cream by freezing Milk, Chocolate Milk, Fruit Milk, Pilk, Eggnog, or Cream. When at 15°C, ice cream will melt into Cream. The color of the Ice cream won't be white if Fruit Milk, Pilk, Eggnog or Chocolate Milk is frozen.



  • Ice cream was added into the game on version 1.8.2
Element Conditions Result
Human Ice Cream, Ice cream is eaten
Rat Ice Cream, Ice cream is eaten
Bird Ice Cream, Ice cream is eaten