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Lookup sand.png
Lookup used on Sand.

The Lookup tool allows looking up information about an element. With the Lookup tool selected, one can click a pixel to see a pop-up with information about its element. This same pop-up can be shown by right-clicking an element in the element picker or by clicking the Info button.

The pop-up shows the following information:

  • Basic information of the element, including name, description and category
  • The color, described by a colored rectangle, sometimes a gradient
  • Density
  • The temperature bounds of the element, and what elements it turns into upon reaching them
  • What other elements the selected element reacts with

While using the Lookup tool, the cursor's size can only go up to 5x5. If multiple elements are selected with this method, the pop-up will contain links for these elements that when clicked, will show the lookup page for that element.


Version Change
1.9.5 + Lookup tool can have a bigger radius (up to 5×5)
1.9.2 ~ Lookup no longer hard-coded
1.8.2 ~ Tweaked Lookup tool color to be like Glass
0.7 + Added Lookup