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Density1.292 kg/m3
Colder StateChanges at -183.94°C
Creates Liquid Oxygen

Oxygen is a gases element that, like other gases, will float around the sandbox, created one way through Plant breathing Carbon Dioxide. When colliding with themselves, Oxygen pixels form Ozone, and when doing so, becomes colder. When they come in contact, living organisms convert Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide. The same thing happens when some plants come into Carbon Dioxide, creating Oxygen. Like almost everything else, Light will take Oxygen's color if they touch. Oxygen is highly flammable and instantly burns when coming in contact with Fire.


Oxygen can become Liquid Oxygen under temperatures of -184°C, and Oxygen Ice at -219°C. Apart from the states being different and both being much colder, they don't really do anything else. Most of the reactions with Oxygen doesn't happen with its liquid and frozen counterparts because they would freeze and thus not work.


Element Conditions Result
Water + Oxygen - Foam
Salt Water + Oxygen - Foam
Sugar Water + Oxygen - Foam
Dirty Water + Oxygen - Foam
Seltzer + Oxygen - Foam
Soda + Oxygen - Foam
Tea + Oxygen - Water
Copper + Oxygen - Oxidized Copper
Bronze + Oxygen - Oxidized Copper
Iron + Oxygen - Rust
Steel + Oxygen - Rust
Hydrogen + Oxygen - Steam
Hydrogen + Oxygen needs heat Water
Ozone + Oxygen - Ozone, Oxygen
Light + Oxygen - Light
Liquid Light + Oxygen - Liquid Light
Human + Oxygen - Carbon dioxide