Ant Wall

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Ant Wall
Density1220 kg/m3
Breaks intoDirt and Sand
Colder StateChanges at -50°C
Creates Permafrost
Hotter StateChanges at 1400°C
Creates Molten Dirt and Molten Glass
Hidden by default

Ant Wall is one of the variants of Wall (alongside Pipe Wall and Rock Wall). It is a Land element. It is generated when Ants dig through elements. Strangely, it is considered a hybrid of both Sand and Dirt (as it can be exploded into Molten Dirt and Glass and it can break into either Sand or Dirt). When it interacts with any variant of Water, it turns into either Wet Sand or Mud. When it interacts with Fire, it heats into Dirt and Sand.


Element Conditions Result
Ant Wall + Water, Dirty Water, Salt Water, Sugar Water, Seltzer, or Pool Water - Mud and Wet Sand
Ant Wall + Fire - Dirt and Sand


Version Change
1.9.3 + Ant Walls can be damaged by Fire
1.9.2 + Added Ant Wall