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Density1210 kg/m3
Viscosity0.956 cP
Stains solids0.1
Colder StateChanges at -15.3°C
Creates Bleach Ice
Hotter StateChanges at 111°C
Creates Salt and Steam

Bleach is a white liquid that stains solids. Bleach has lots of reactions with other elements, such as Water. It will evaporate into Steam and Salt at 111°C, and freeze into Bleach Ice at -15°C.


Element Conditions Result
Acid + Bleach - Chlorine, Neutral Acid
Acid Gas + Bleach - Chlorine
Acid Cloud + Bleach - Chlorine
Ammonia + Bleach - Poison Gas
Alcohol + Bleach - Poison Gas
Soap + Bleach - Poison Gas
Water + Bleach - Dirty Water
Antidote + Bleach - Antidote is dissolved
Iron + Bleach - Rust
Copper + Bleach - Oxidized Copper
Fish + Bleach - Rotten Meat Bleach is eaten
Tadpole + Bleach - Tadpole is dissolved
Cancer + Bleach - Cancer is dissolved
Cell + Bleach - Cell is dissolved
Plague + Bleach - Plague is dissolved


  • Bleach deletes Blood
  • Bleach now turns Poison into Poison Gas
  • Added Bleach Ice
  • Bleach can now kill Cactus
  • Bleach and Yeast reaction now generates heat
  • Bleach can now react with Soap to create Poison Gas
  • Bleach breaks down Antidote
  • Added more Bleach reactions
  • Bleach can now kill Pollen
  • 1.8 - Bleach can now react with Yeast to create Foam
  • 1.6 - Plants now die when exposed to Bleach
  • 1.5