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Density997 kg/m3
MakesWater, Liquids

Tsunami is an element in the Weapons category. Upon touching a solid, it creates a mountain of Water and smashes whatever is near before disappearing. Upon touching any liquid, it instead creates more of the liquid it touched, with the same smashing effect. If the liquid has a density above 2500, it will not be cloned and the tsunami will simply create water as usual, still smashing nearby breakable elements.


Version Change
1.9.5 ~ Tsunami can no longer create overly dense liquids
1.9.5 + Tsunamis can merge
1.9.4 + Added Tsunami


  • Originally, tsunami was able to create large amounts of any liquid, including molten and high density elements. However, in version 1.9.5, tsunami was barred from duplicating any liquids with a density higher than 2500, the reason this limitation was added is unknown, though most likely due to simply not being realistic.