Dead Plant

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Dead Plant
Dead Plant.png
Dead Leaf Pile
Density1050 kg/m3
Colder StateChanges at -2°C
Creates Frozen Plant
Hotter StateChanges at 300°C
Creates Fire
Burn time45 ticks
Hidden by default

Dead Plant has a color that is composed of many shades of brown.

Dead Plant can be created when Plant, Grass, Algae, Bamboo Plant, Pinecone, Grass Seed, Evergreen, Pistil, Petal, Sapling, Cactus, & Vine is heated above 100*C or killed by Vinegar.

Dead Plant can be eaten by Worm, Flea, Fly, Fish, Slug, & Snail.


Element Conditions Result
Worm + Dead Plant - Dirt
Fire + Dead Plant - Smoke, & Fire
Bless + Dead Plant - Plant
Rock + Dead Plant Temperature must be 200℃ - 300℃ Charcoal
Cool + Dead Plant Temperature must be below -2*C Frozen Plant
Heat + Dead Plant Temperature must be above 300℃. Fire
Fish + Dead Plant Fish must eat 21 pixels Egg
Fly + Dead Plant Fly must eat 15 pixels Egg


Dead Plant was added in version 1.2 of Sandboxels.


In the Survival.js mod, Dead Plant strangely sells for more coins than Plant, meaning crushing trees is a good way to make money. The same goes for Sawdust selling for more than Tree Branch.

Also in the Survival.js mod a player can also abuse the reaction that turns dead plant into charcoal reliably without a flame, by setting the temperature between 201°C and 299°C in the setting for ambient temp and waiting for all the dead plant to turn to charcoal. After this pick up all the charcoal and rocks and such and and change the ambient temperature in settings again to a value between 801°c to 899°c to get diamond where one pixel is worth 100 gold coins its also very reliable as most plants are quick to farm large numbers of. I hope this helps anyone get lots of suns to explode.


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