Color Sand

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Color Sand
Density1602 kg/m3
Hotter StateChanges at 1700°C
Creates Molten Stained Glass

Color Sand is a powder similar to sand, but more colorful; when heated to 1700°C it melts into Molten Stained Glass, and can be created by smashing Stained Glass.

The color of Color Sand is determined when it is created based on the current tick count, unless it is created by a Cloner. Starting at tick 0, Color Sand will be red, shifting to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and back to red over approximately 400 ticks. The color is retained when melted into Molten Stained Glass. When cloned by a Cloner, the color is random. When created by smashing Stained Glass, the color will depend on the current tick count and not the original color of the glass.

Like Sand, Color Sand is affected by gravity, and will fall downward unless supported.