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Shocking metal.gif
Steel being shocked.

Shock is a tool that gives a pixel an electric charge of C1 and lightly heats it up. The electric charge spreads in a speed depending on its conduct value. Charges can be undone by using Uncharge. Holding Shift increases the intensity of the shock.

Conduct value

A conduct value is a number representing the conductivity of a certain element. This value is on a scale of 0 (not conductive) to 1 (extremely conductive). Elements of a lower conduct value may stifle out a charge as it travels throughout the element, while higher values have less resistance. Elements with a higher conduct value are also heated less than ones with a lower conduct value.

Conduct values are not explicitly shown when viewing elements in-game, but will be noted as conductive if it applies. Specific values can be found in the source code.


Each tick when Shock is used, the game runs a random value check and compares it against the conductivity of the target pixel. If the random value is smaller, then the pixel gets assigned a charge of C1. Otherwise the pixel heats up by 0.25°C. If Shift is held down, this loop runs five times per use.


Version Change
1.9.5 ~ Placed Shock is removed by Uncharge
1.8.2 ~ Shock now has a dark text
0.8.2 + Holding Shift while shocking increases the shock
0.8.2 ~ Tweaked Shock tool
0.8 + Added Shock


  • Shock in pixel form has a 5% chance per tick to delete itself and tries to extend through neighboring pixels.