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Water puddle.png
A water puddle.
Density997 kg/m3
Viscosity0 cP
Cleans stains0.5
Colder StateChanges at 0°C
Creates Ice
Hotter StateChanges at 100°C
Creates Steam
This element can extinguish fire

Water is a blue liquid. It was the first liquid added to Sandboxels. It boils into Steam at 100°C and freezes into Ice below 0°C.

When in contact with some elements, such as Dirt, Sand and Quicklime, Water wets the elements, creating elements such as Mud and Wet Sand and Slacked Lime.


Element Conditions Result
Dirt - Mud
Mudstone 0.00035% chance per tick Mud
Sand - Wet Sand
Snow - Slush
Salt - Salt Water
Sugar - Sugar water
Chlorine - Pool Water
Carbon Dioxide - Seltzer
Borax, Glue - Slime
Quicklime - Slaked Lime With some Heat also being produced
Herb, Fire - Tea
Dust, Ash, Cyanide, Sulfur, Rat, Plague, Rust, Fallout, Radiation, Acid, Stench, Bleach, Poison - Dirty Water
Rock 0.035% chance per tick Wet Sand
Ruins 0.035% chance per tick Rock
Methane, Ammonia Charged, 60°C or higher Primordial Soup
Fly, Firefly, Stink Bug 10% chance Dead Bug
Bee 5% chance Dead Bug
Aluminum, Zinc, Steel, Iron, Tin, Lead, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold Charged, 0.75% chance per tick Hydrogen, Oxygen
Potassium - 420°C Pop, Hydrogen, Caustic Potash
Flour - Dough


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