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Pipe is an element found in the Machines category. It spawns Pipe Wall after a few ticks and helps transport fluids and Powders. A few elements that can be transported using Pipe are Steam, Snow, Water & Flash. After the Pipe Wall spawns, whichever pixel of Pipe Wall is erased first determines the direction in which the object will be transported. So, if the top is erased first, the Pipe will transport upwards, & if the bottom is erased, it will transport downwards (the same applies to left & right). Initially, the Pipe will be grey in color, but after the direction is determined, it turns into a pattern made with blue, green & red.


Version Change
1.9.5 + Pipes retain color in saves
1.9.2 + Pipes remove non-solids when generating
1.9.2 + Sensor can detect pixels inside Pipes
1.9.2 + Malware can damage and scramble Pipes
1.9.1 + Added Pipe